What is the point of awards?

I'm sure you seen many websites that proudly display their awards either on the front page or hidden away in it's own section like you find here. An Award typically is just an image created by a webmaster and given out to other webmasters if they meet the criteria in which is awarded.

So what's the benefit of this nonsense?

The benefit of these awards is that it is a quick away to promote your site! It don't only bring traffic to the site who's giving out the awards but it alway gives traffic to those who has one.

Once Upon A Time, I attempted to create an award, but I never distributed the awarded to anyone.

Award Sites Still Hot? Or Not?

Half of my Awards disappeared from the face of the World Wide Web. I should of saved the image locally so that way I keep them forever. Fortunately I was able to recover some of my earned award using The Internet Archive. Apparently Award Sites are still hot, so if you want more info on them check out Yahoo Geocitie's Builders' Resources on Award Sites.